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Busy Week and more fun to come. - THE OZONE LAYER
Insanity... on a higher level.
Busy Week and more fun to come.

Work was very active, especially with my co-worker FINALLY taking a break. She is so dedicated to her job, but she needed to take a break once. I just hope my work will: A) give her some relief and B) Help her feel I am worth promotion later :).

In other news, I have been slowly making updates to our condo. So far, I have replaced appliances, installed the R/O water filter system, ran some plumbing for our new refrigerator,  moved some electrical wiring, and installed new lighting. Now, it's time to replace the flooring. Hiring a professional resulted in us getting a $3000.00 estimate for the task of putting down 200 sq/ft of wood. Needless to say, the builder in me is ready to do it myself. I just have to convince Samantha of this. The $2500.00 savings I think is well worth it.

Next week is our trip to Florida for a visit to see family, and for me to FINALLY participate in an ACB convention. We will be there Wednesday and Thursday. Hopefully we can meet some of you there, and we hope we can sneak off to Disney as well while there.

It has been a hard two weeks for those in the public eye: Michael Jackson, Farah Fawcett, Ed McMahnon, and others. But on top of that: 9 METRO passengers, over 400 airline passengers, and so on and so on. What's the point? Each and every one has a special meaning, and have (based on opinion: good or bad) have contributed to our society. Always take time to remember those who are not present in our world in our form anymore. No matter what you believe in, we will all reach this state of being "gone" so live your life as best as possible. I was supposed to be dead two years ago and well, here I am still.

I feel: sympathetic sympathetic

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