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A reminder of how life is so prescious... - THE OZONE LAYER
Insanity... on a higher level.
A reminder of how life is so prescious...
Coby Curtin, a 10 year old in the final stages of a type of vascular cancer, had her last wish forfilled hours before she succumbed to the disease. Her request? - To see the movie "Up" before she died.

You can read the article HERE

It is a reminder of how I have, in some ways, cheated death with my four bouts of cancer. There is obviously a reason for my existence, and everyday I discover more and more why. I am so blessed and lucky to have the family and friends in my life, who have helped me deal with the rough times, and shared in my enjoyment of the good times. Right now, I have been enjoying some great times, but I know the challenges that make my life interesting will be back again, so I must never take life for granted.

Speaking of cancer, I will be visiting my oncologist in a couple of weeks, along with the all too famous cystoscopy and PET scan. Lets hope again for good results!

Thanks so much again to all of you for being there for me.

I feel: touched touched

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